Game of the year, 2007 22-Apr-2008

For the last three years, the Piddinghoe Gamers have vote for their game of the year. Past winners have included Amun-Re, Oltremare and Canal Mania.

This year, the panel cast their votes for games released in 2007. That's any game. Expansions, re-releases, they all count. The only qualification is that we must have played them. And if a game is to have any chance of winning, most of us need to have played it. We're not particularly interested in fairness, so we don't wait until mid-year to give people a chance to play games released later in the year. Though we are a bit later in the year than usual. We don't need to be fair. Unlike the Spiel des Jahres award, the Piddinghoe Gamers game of the year is unlikely to increase sales by several hundred thousand boxes. Actually, we buy most of our games later in the year anyway, taking advantage of the hugely cheaper prices at Essen, so later games aren't really at much of a disadvantage.

So, 2006 is history. The votes are in. And onto the winners.

Like last year, it was a two horse race. In fact only one vote seperated the top two. The accolade of first place goes to Agricola, from Lookout Games. This is a game which has been gaining a lot of praise and attention, surprisngly so as it's currently only available in a German edition. With a ton of cards, densely packed with German text.

Second place went to Brass, Martin Wallaces latest and one of his finest.

In third place, and surprisingly close to the top two, was Caylus Magna Carta. Most of the fun in half of the time.

Also rather surprising was the fact that only seven games were put into the hat this year. Make of that what you will.

Last year, the top two places went to the Brits. This time, second place was claimed by a different Brit and it could so easily have been first. So another great showing by the local lads. Will 2008 make three in a row?
 Comment by Steve   22-Apr-2008
Agricola and Brass were my top two votes. I've enjoyed both games but in the end had to give the nod to Agricola as I have played it a few times now and have played Brass only once. However I hope this changes in the not too distant future.