Essen Buys 2008 16-Dec-2008

The Guys very kindly brought me back:

Sushizock im Gockelwok
The Princes of Machu Picchu
Space Alert

I loved Wasabi and it has played quite differently the few times I have played it, which bodes well.

Sushizock I think I prefer to HeckMeck but I think that is because it is a quicker game and doesn't outstay its welcome and offers more opportunities to steal dominoes.

I have still yet to play the other two but suspect Machu will be played next as I have read the rules and it doesn't seem as foreboding as trying to play Space Alert despite my excitement of a co-op game.

We shall See

 Comment by Paul   22-Dec-2008
Don't worry Steve. Princes and Space Alert aren't as daunting as they look.

You're clearly mad though. The Sushi game better than the Wormy game? Heresy!