Best Game of 2008? 01-Oct-2009

Yes, you read right. I am wondering what your favourite game was last year. Can't do this year yet as it hasn't finished or at least Essen 2009 hasn't happened yet...

I reckon Pandemic was my favourite last year. And yeah, I know I can have a look at Stats but this may have changed.

 Comment by Tel   04-Oct-2009
Since I've had to seriously reduce my game playing time, it is a lot harder to choose a game of the year. I haven't managed to play too many games from last year and those I have played only got limited plays.
The obvious contender was Dominion. Now I only managed play this the once and I suspect it needs a few games to be able to see how the cards work together. Given how well its been received (ranked 7 on the geek), it seems churlish to criticize it. But I felt I was forced to spend too much time shuffling and not enough time following what others were doing.
Le Havre is another possible contender. I think the game works well and I've enjoyed both games I've played of it. But I think it just plays too long for me, on the whole I tend to prefer games that play in 45-90 minutes. I dont know what you lose playing the shorter version, but it may be worth giving that a go at some point.
A couple of Treefrog games also in the running, the first being Tinners Trail. After my 1 game of this I was expecting it to be a regular visitor to the table and am very surprised to see it has only been played once. Going to have to rectify this.
Steel Driver is the other Treefrog contender and that has had a couple of games. I've found both games interesting and entertaining but that last round can be prone to be a tad slow.
Finally the Fragor offering for 2008 was Snow Tails. A race game with nice movement mechanism.

Gievn that I've only played each game once or twice its a tough call, but I'd probably give the nod to Tinners Trail.