Average rating 7.00 BGG average rating 6.34
Last played 7-Oct-2003 Players 0 - 0
Total plays 1 Designer Bernhard Weber
Weight 3 Year 0
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 1 0 7.00 7-Oct-2003
Oggie 1 0 7.00 7-Oct-2003
Paul 1 0 7.00 7-Oct-2003
Steve 1 1 7.00 7-Oct-2003
Tel 1 0 7.00 7-Oct-2003

Taking a fairly common theme, this game is about building three types of neighborhoods in a developing city. Each turn one or two blocks will get zoned, based on the players' votes. Once all four properties in a block have been bought and the block has been zoned, its base score is the number of completed blocks adjoining it. However, there are serious multipliers (positive and negative) for locating certain types of developments next to each Place 1996 Hippodice Spieleautorenwettbewerb (as Boomtown).br/br/