Arabana Opodopo
Average rating 0.00 BGG average rating 6.23
Last played Never played Players 3 - 4
Total plays 0 Designer G; √ľnter Cornett
Weight 1 Year 2002
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Arabana-Opodopo premiered at Essen 2002 as the up to 4 player version of Arabana-Ikibiti (also published as Kahuna). Players play bamboo sticks which allow them to build bridges between islands. Whenever a player gains a majority of bridges on an island the other players will lose all their bridges on that island. During a scoring round, players gain points for islands that they by Tilsit as the 2nd game in their Tilsit Collection series at Essen 2003 with the confusing title of Kanaloa, which is the title of a different but similarly-themed game by Bambus (further adding to the confusion, as Bambus originally published Arabana-Opodopo).br/br/Re-implements:br/br/ Arabana-Ikibitibr/ Kahunabr/br/br/br/br/Online Playbr/br/br/ br/br/br/