Light Speed
Average rating 6.43 BGG average rating 6.36
Last played 28-Jun-2005 Players 0 - 0
Total plays 2 Designer James Ernest; Tom Jolly
Weight 1 Year 0
Playing Time 10 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Oggie 2 1 6.50 28-Jun-2005
Paul 2 0 7.00 28-Jun-2005
Steve 1 0 6.00 27-May-2003
Tel 2 2 6.00 28-Jun-2005

From the Publisher:br/br/'Light Speed is a lightning-fast card game of space combat about identical teams of spaceships dropping out of hyperspace to do battle over an extremely important asteroid. Each spaceship is equipped with 1 to 4 lasers, and the lasers have 3 different quot;strengthsquot;br/br/The game is played in two stages. In the quot;fast roundquot; players play their cards onto a table, trying to position them so that their laser beams will hit either the asteroid (and thereby quot;miningquot; it) or other players (causing them damage). Once one player has gotten rid of all of their cards, the quot;scoring roundquot; the Scoring round, all ships of the same rank will fire at the same time. (All quot;1quot; ships will fire, then all quot;2quot; ships, etc.) If, after all the ships of the same rank have fired, a ship has more damage than it does Health, the ship is destroyed. Play continues through the ranks 1-10. Once all ships have fired, players receive 1 point for each point of health they took from their opponent, plus one point for each successful quot;miningquot; of the Speed is part of the Hip Pocket Games 2004 Listed in GAMES Magazine's GAMES 100br/br/br/br/br/