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Muscat can quickly be described as quot;advanced rock-paper-scissors,quot; but is much better than this may make it sound. There are 4 different types of items in this version, which are the different kinds of street performers in the marketplaces of Muscat. The tiles representing the performers are placed in these marketplaces in such a way as to establish local dominance hierarchies, which are resolved by kicking the loser out on the street and promoting the winners to higher-class sections of Muscat. Eventually, once can reach the Sultan's palace, and when enough performers have everyone scores points according to how high their performers have advanced up the is more to it than that, of course. The performers kicked out on the street want to get their revenge, and they can be placed back on the board or used to take 3 special actions which add a great deal of complexity to the game. Although there is some randomness (in which tiles you pick when), this is essentially an abstract of the quot;brain-burnerquot; school, and should be enjoyed by those who like that kind of by:br/br/ Message to the Czarbr/br/br/br/br/