One False step for Mankind
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(From the box)br/br/California: 1849br/br/Where the mayors of stupidly rich Gold Rush towns can squander the resources of their citizens on pretty much whatever they month, it's a race to the it work? Probably not. The real goal is to earn enough votes to become governor. But it seems the best way to impress your pioneering constituents is by doing something grotesquely stupid and dangerous, like blasting them into's One False Step for Mankind, one giant leap for Need)br/br/400 Poker Chips in four colors (100 each in red, green, yellow, and gray); 40 counters for each player; two 6-sided Dice; three Paper Clips for each player; and a Button or Token to designate the by:br/br/ One False Step Homebr/br/br/br/br/