Really Nasty Horseracing Game, The
Average rating 6.65 BGG average rating 6.25
Last played 26-Aug-2002 Players 2 - 6
Total plays 3 Designer Simon Knock
Weight 1 Year 1987
Playing Time 90 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 3 0 6.33 26-Aug-2002
Anne 1 0 7.00 15-Jul-2000
Boog 2 0 6.00 26-Aug-2002
Oggie 3 1 7.67 26-Aug-2002
Paul 3 2 6.67 26-Aug-2002
Steve 2 0 6.00 26-Aug-2002
Tel 3 0 6.67 26-Aug-2002

The world of horseracing has long been associated with cheating in all its forms. But few games ever attempt to simulate that aspect. Players are assigned a horse and must move it around the track by rolling a single die. This would be rather boring if the game didn't allow for the players to bet on another player's horse, so the dilemma is whether or not to move your horse badly just to make it easier for the horse you bet on to win. Even that could be boring, but then each player is issued cards that allow them to commit dirty tricks, for instance making a horse fall or forcing the winner to take a drug test. All in all, it makes for some very interesting racing.