Risk - Lord Of the Rings (Risk - The Lord of the Rings)
Average rating 0.00 BGG average rating 5.88
Last played Never played Players 2 - 4
Total plays 0 Designer Stephen Baker; Jean-Ren; é Vernes; Barry Yearsley
Weight 1 Year 2002
Playing Time 120 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

A new version of Risk, with the following differences:

The map is of Middle Earth, and the tokens represent armies of that fictional world.

You play either good or evil.

Leaders, missions and sites of power have been added.

The One Ring acts as a timing mechanism, when it leaves the board, the game ends.

Components for the "Two Towers edition" (Trilogy edition has 90 per army)

40 Elven Archers/Orcs
12 Riders of Rohan/Dark Riders
6 Eagles/Cave Trolls
2 shields per color

4 Complete armies in different colors: (60 per color)
42 Territory Cards (9 Good, 9 Evil, 24 Neutral)
2 Wild Cards
40 Adventure Cards
The One Ring
3 Red Dice
2 Black Dice