Average rating 7.50 BGG average rating 7.34
Last played 9-Jan-2005 Players 2 - 4
Total plays 4 Designer Michael Kiesling; Wolfgang Kramer
Weight 4 Year 1999
Playing Time 90 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 1 0 8.00 2-Jun-2001
Boog 1 0 7.00 30-Oct-2000
Oggie 2 0 7.00 9-Jan-2005
Paul 4 3 7.75 9-Jan-2005
Steve 1 0 8.00 12-Jun-2001
Tel 3 1 7.33 9-Jan-2005

Tikal is a game of exploration within the Central American jungles in search of lost temples and the treasures within. Players send their team of explorers into the jungle, exposing more and more of the terrain. Along the way, you find temples that require further uncovering and treasures. Players attempt to score points for occupying temples and holding onto treasure.

Tikal is the first game of the Mask Trilogy.


Tikal II: The Lost Temple