Verrater (Verršter)
Average rating 7.29 BGG average rating 6.70
Last played 21-Jul-2001 Players 3 - 4
Total plays 2 Designer Marcel-Andr; é Casasola Merkle
Weight 2 Year 0
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 1 0 7.00 10-Jul-2001
Anne 1 0 7.00 21-Jul-2001
Oggie 1 1 5.00 10-Jul-2001
Paul 2 1 9.00 21-Jul-2001
Steve 1 0 7.00 10-Jul-2001
Tel 1 0 7.00 21-Jul-2001

This board game masquerading as a card game is about a conflict between two factions, the Rose and the Eagle. In each turn, players attempt to change the allegiance of one land district, contributing power cards to swing the conflict in their favor. Players also choose roles such as Diplomat, Traitor, and Builder that give them special abilities for that turn. The most potentially devastating role is that of the Verräter, or Traitor, which allows the player to change allegiances just as the conflict begins. Points are awarded for winning over districts, for taking certain roles, and for building counting-houses.