Web of Power (Kardinal und König)
Average rating 7.63 BGG average rating 7.30
Last played 27-Sep-2016 Players 3 - 5
Total plays 20 Designer Michael Schacht
Weight 3 Year 2000
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 11 2 7.45 19-Jan-2010
Boog 6 1 7.67 31-Jan-2006
Frank 1 0 8.00 27-Sep-2016
Gloria 1 0 7.00 19-Jan-2010
Joe 3 1 7.33 27-Sep-2016
Kev 2 1 8.00 10-Sep-2002
Oggie 10 1 6.90 27-Sep-2016
Paul 14 1 7.79 27-Sep-2016
Steve 13 5 7.77 25-Sep-2012
Tel 20 11 7.90 27-Sep-2016

Players struggle for influence over regions of Europe by placing two different type of control markers, Monasteries and Advisors. Monasteries are the basic placement, with the goal of securing a majority in a region or chain of monasteries or even decent points from second place. The placement of the Advisors is more restricted as the total number of Advisors in a region is limited by the majority player's number of monasteries. The game is played in two rounds and is very fast paced.br/br/Online Playbr/br/br/ a target='_blank' href=http://www.boardgames-online.net rel=nofollow noreferrer noopenerhttp://www.boardgames-online.net/a (turn-based)br/br/br/Implemented bonus maps: China, Hellenia, Skandinavia, America, AD 850, Life on Mars, Big in Japan, Soviet Unionbr/br/br/ a target='_blank' href=http://www.onlinebrettspiele.de/kuk/default.asp?l=en rel=nofollow noreferrer noopenerhttp://www.onlinebrettspiele.de/kuk/default.asp?l=en/a (Against AI)br/br/br/Re-implemented by:br/br/br/ Chinabr/ Iwaribr/br/br/Expanded by:br/br/br/ Web of Power: The Vaticanbr/ Web of Power: The Duelbr/br/br/