Average rating 6.90 BGG average rating 7.27
Last played 13-Jan-2004 Players 3 - 5
Total plays 2 Designer Kory Heath; Andrew Looney
Weight 3 Year 2003
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 2 1 8.00 13-Jan-2004
Boog 1 0 3.00 13-Jan-2004
Oggie 2 0 6.00 13-Jan-2004
Paul 2 2 8.00 13-Jan-2004
Steve 1 1 7.00 13-Jan-2004
Tel 2 1 7.50 13-Jan-2004

Zendo is a game of inductive logic in which one player, the Master, creates a rule that the rest of the players, as Students, try to figure out by building and studying configurations of the game pieces. The first student to correctly guess the rule wins.

Inspired by Eleusis, Zendo uses Looney Pyramids but was released as a standalone game in July 2003. In 2017, a version of Zendo was released that had only one size of pyramid but added blocks and wedges. It also includes an optional system of cards for generating the Master's rule, useful for novice players who are not yet comfortable making their own rules.