Average rating 7.33 BGG average rating 7.01
Last played 1-Feb-2005 Players 2 - 4
Total plays 2 Designer Klaus Teuber
Weight 3 Year 2003
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 2 0 7.50 1-Feb-2005
Oggie 2 1 7.50 1-Feb-2005
Paul 1 1 7.00 1-Jun-2004
Steve 1 0 7.00 1-Feb-2005

The king shall return... But before he does, the realm falls into anarchy and chaos. The lords of the kingdom struggle to improve their place and standing. New borders are drawn, and expanded through strength of arms and subtle maneuver. Each duke seeks to establish a claim over the most valuable parts of the kingdom before the king finally returns. In the dark of the Middle Ages, control of the land was the key to wealth and power. Can you control enough territory to become the most prestigious duke before the kingrsquo;s return?br/br/In Domaine, players form domaines by placing walls on the modular board to enclose territory. Completed domaines can then be expanded, even into your opponents'. Protect domaines by placing knights, which resist are taken by playing cards that have a cost associated with them. Gain money by selling cards and controlling mines. Sold cards can be acquired by other score points based on the quantity and type of terrain enclosed in their domaines, as well as by controlling many mines of a single type. The winner is the first player to cross a specific point threshold or the player with the most points when the card deck runs