Kanaloa (Arabana-Opodopo)
Average rating 7.57 BGG average rating 6.23
Last played 28-Jun-2005 Players 2 - 4
Total plays 2 Designer G; √ľnter Cornett
Weight 3 Year 0
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 1 0 8.00 21-Sep-2004
Boog 1 0 7.00 21-Sep-2004
Oggie 2 2 8.00 28-Jun-2005
Paul 2 0 7.50 28-Jun-2005
Tel 1 0 7.00 28-Jun-2005

Arabana-Opodopo premiered at Essen 2002 as the up to 4 player version of Arabana-Ikibiti (also published as Kahuna). Players play bamboo sticks which allow them to build bridges between islands. Whenever a player gains a majority of bridges on an island the other players will lose all their bridges on that island. During a scoring round, players gain points for islands that they control.br/br/Re-released by Tilsit as the 2nd game in their Tilsit Collection series at Essen 2003 with the confusing title of Kanaloa, which is the title of a different but similarly-themed game by Bambus (further adding to the confusion, as Bambus originally published Arabana-Opodopo).br/br/Re-implements:br/br/ Arabana-Ikibitibr/ Kahunabr/br/br/br/br/Online Playbr/br/br/ Yucata.de br/br/br/