UFOs! Fries from Space (UFOs! Fritten aus dem all)
Average rating 6.20 BGG average rating 5.33
Last played 7-Dec-2004 Players 2 - 5
Total plays 1 Designer Petra Brandenburger
Weight 2 Year 0
Playing Time 30 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 1 0 6.00 7-Dec-2004
Boog 1 0 6.00 7-Dec-2004
Paul 1 1 7.00 7-Dec-2004
Steve 1 0 6.00 7-Dec-2004
Tel 1 0 6.00 7-Dec-2004

The aliens have attained almost everything they could wish for: galaxy-wide peace, highly developed industries - and a lot of free time on their hands. But what good is all that wealth without proper veneration? And so they wander through space in their quest for love and admiration. A few of these journeys brought them to Earth, but the human inhabitants they met recoiled in fright and confusion. The aliens retreated with dashed hopes and injured pride, but then one of their scientists discovered that the way to a human's heart is through his stomach. This proved to be even more true when the food was laced with a generous dose of psycho pharmaceuticals ...br/br/As the expedition leader of an alien people, it is your task to build burger diners and fry joints to become the Most Adored Fast Food Manager and conquer the earth.br/br/