Aqua Romana
Average rating 7.00 BGG average rating 6.33
Last played 22-Oct-2005 Players 2 - 4
Total plays 1 Designer Martin Schlegel
Weight 3 Year 0
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 1 1 7.00 22-Oct-2005
Oggie 1 0 7.00 22-Oct-2005
Paul 1 0 7.00 22-Oct-2005
Tel 1 0 7.00 22-Oct-2005

Loosely translated from the website:
The citizens of the early Roman empire lack a substantial part of life: drinking water.

Experienced architects and their workers take up the challenge and build the monumental Roman water system: the aqueducts.

It's not always easy, since the architects need to oversee many building sites at one time. Therefore, not all water pipes can be completed.

Plan ahead such that your workers build the longest aqueducts to earn the most fame at the end.

Aqua Romana is a tile laying game for 2 to 4 players. During his turn a player can extend an aqueduct, close an aqueduct and earn points for closed aqueducts.

To extend an aqueduct, the player chooses a worker and the corresponding architect, play the corresponding tile, move the workers forward and move the architect ahead.

An aqueduct is closed when it ends at the side of the gameboard or a non-fitting neighboring tile.

A closed aqueduct yields 1 point for every tile it is long. If an aqueduct crosses a tile for the second time, it yields two points.

The game ends when no tile can be played for an entire round. Winner is the player with the most points.