Paranoia Mandatory Card Game
Average rating 5.50 BGG average rating 5.98
Last played 5-Sep-2006 Players 3 - 8
Total plays 1 Designer Steve Gilbert
Weight 1 Year 2005
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 1 0 2.00 5-Sep-2006
Boog 1 0 7.00 5-Sep-2006
Oggie 1 0 5.00 5-Sep-2006
Paul 1 0 6.00 5-Sep-2006
Steve 1 1 7.00 5-Sep-2006
Tel 1 0 6.00 5-Sep-2006

From the publisher:

Serve The Computer… die a lot. Thwart traitors… die a lot. Save Alpha Complex from imminent destruction… die a lot.

Welcome to Paranoia: The Mandatory Card Game. A light hearted death-fest for 3-8 players set in the multi-award winning world of Paranoia.

But, you say, you’ve never played Paranoia. Don’t worry, Citizen, this DNCPCG (definitely not collectible paranoia card game) is the perfect primer to the delightfully lethal world of Alpha Complex. Created by Steve Gilbert, co-author of Me and My Shadow Mark IV, Paranoia: The Mandatory Card Game will have you nuking your buddies before you can say, “The Computer is my friend.”

So how do you play? Excellent question, Citizen!

You and the other players are elite Troubleshooter agents for The Computer, trained to root out traitors, mutants and enemy agents. Your friend, The Computer, is going to send your Troubleshooter team on a series of happy fun missions critical to the survival of Alpha Complex (aren’t they all). Your greatest fear is that Friend Computer will find out you are one of its enemies. So strap on your laser, and your hand flamer, and your plasma-cannon, and venture forth to rid Alpha Complex of the mutinous, but equally well-armed traitors surrounding you.

Playing time: 60 minutes (that you’ll never get back for the rest of your life, so quit your whining)

Stay Alert! Trust No One! Keep Your Laser Handy!

Expanded by:

Paranoia Mandatory Card Game Expansion: Secret Societies