Null & Nichtig (Null & Void)
Average rating 7.33 BGG average rating 6.03
Last played 5-Nov-2006 Players 3 - 5
Total plays 4 Designer Reiner Stockhausen
Weight 1 Year 2006
Playing Time 30 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 2 0 7.50 5-Nov-2006
Martin(warfrog) 1 0 7.00 21-Oct-2006
Oggie 3 0 7.00 21-Oct-2006
Paul 4 3 7.25 5-Nov-2006
Steve 1 0 8.00 5-Nov-2006
Tel 4 1 7.50 5-Nov-2006

From the Amigo rules:br/br/The players collect cards by winning tricks, and these cards are sorted in a special way. The players divide cards into piles by color during the course of the game, and only the point value of the topmost card in each pile counts at the end of the round. The goal of the game is to score as many points as note about game play: The deck includes five suits, but players don't need to follow suit during play. Instead suits are important because you have five scoring opportunities each round. The game lasts as many rounds as there are English name of this game would be quot;Null amp; Void.quot;)br/br/

Its a trick taking game - where you don't really want to win any tricks!!