Maharaja: Palace Building in India
Average rating 7.20 BGG average rating 7.15
Last played 8-May-2007 Players 2 - 5
Total plays 1 Designer Michael Kiesling; Wolfgang Kramer
Weight 3 Year 2004
Playing Time 90 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Boog 1 0 8.00 8-May-2007
Oggie 1 0 5.00 8-May-2007
Paul 1 0 8.00 8-May-2007
Steve 1 0 8.00 8-May-2007
Tel 1 1 7.00 8-May-2007

A boardgame for two to five players with elements of worker placement and resource management games. During the game the players take different roles and travel from city to city in India. Their architects build palaces and houses for the course, building a palace is expensive. Therefore it is important to earn enough money in the cities. The first player who builds seven palaces is the choose their actions simultaneously but reveal and resolve them in turn. Actions include generating money, building houses or palaces, manipulating the Maharaja's movements or choosing new architects (each architect has a unique power but the more powerful ones come further down the turn order).br/br/At the end of each round the Maharaja scores the city he is currently in based on the number of buildings and players recieve money accordingly. He then moves to a new the basic game, the rules booklet contains two advanced versions for players who seek even more depth in their game