Average rating 4.20 BGG average rating 4.95
Last played 10-Feb-2008 Players 1 - 2
Total plays 1 Designer Rob Manley; Jon Unsworth
Weight 1 Year 1999
Playing Time 0 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Chrissy 1 1 6.00 10-Feb-2008
Frank 1 0 4.00 10-Feb-2008
Oggie 1 0 3.00 10-Feb-2008
Paul 1 0 4.00 10-Feb-2008
Steve 1 0 4.00 10-Feb-2008

Corx is a dexterity game played with two cork cylinders (basically wine-bottle corks, but precisely manufactured and with amusing characters painted on the sides -- this is where the 'collectible' aspect comes in, but other than the art every cork is the same).br/br/Players take turns dropping the corks onto the table, attempting to land them on their ends. A cork that lands with the red end up is worth one point, the black end up is worth 2 (because the black end is wider). The player who gets exactly 21 points first wins; if you go over 21, that turn is not

Pass the pigs with corks???