Before the Wind
Average rating 6.57 BGG average rating 6.66
Last played 18-Oct-2009 Players 2 - 4
Total plays 2 Designer Torsten Landsvogt
Weight 1 Year 2007
Playing Time 75 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Oggie 2 1 7.00 18-Oct-2009
Paul 2 1 7.00 18-Oct-2009
Steve 1 0 6.00 18-Oct-2009
Tel 2 0 6.00 18-Oct-2009

In the harbor a fleet of commerce ships is waiting to be loaded with goods. Each vessel needs a certain combination of goods. The players take the roles of traders, trying to fill their warehouses with goods which are then in turn transferred to the ships in the harbor. They have to pay attention to the right combination of goods because the captains only accept the goods from a single trader and expect a complete delivery before their ships leave the harbor. It is also very important to not let the right moment to transfer goods to the vessels pass, because the fleet will leave the harbor when the storage space is full and the winds are helpful. The players always have to be before the wind to actively influence the events.


120 action cards
60 goods cards
60 Guilders cards
46 ship cards
4 warehouses
1 starting player token
1 rules booklet