Average rating 7.92 BGG average rating 7.43
Last played 8-Dec-2013 Players 2 - 5
Total plays 58 Designer Klaus-J; ├╝rgen Wrede
Weight 2 Year 2000
Playing Time 45 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Andy 29 5 7.69 9-Dec-2012
Anne 1 0 7.00 30-Oct-2000
Boog 15 2 7.33 25-Jan-2005
Kev 4 1 8.00 22-Oct-2002
Oggie 27 6 7.85 29-Jan-2013
Paul 38 15 8.03 6-Mar-2012
Sally 1 0 9.00 18-Mar-2001
Steve 29 5 7.83 8-Dec-2013
Steve Cox 1 0 10.00 11-Jul-2004
Susan 1 0 8.00 2-Apr-2002
Tel 46 27 8.24 8-Dec-2013
Unknown 1 0 7.00 17-Jul-2001

Carcassonne is a tile-placement game in which the players draw and place a tile with a piece of southern French landscape on it. The tile might feature a city, a road, a cloister, grassland or some combination thereof, and it must be placed adjacent to tiles that have already been played, in such a way that cities are connected to cities, roads to roads, etcetera. Having placed a tile, the player can then decide to place one of his meeples on one of the areas on it: on the city as a knight, on the road as a robber, on a cloister as a monk, or on the grass as a farmer. When that area is complete, that meeple scores points for its a game of Carcassonne, players are faced with decisions like: quot;Is it really worth putting my last meeple there?quot; or quot;Should I use this tile to expand my city, or should I place it near my opponent instead, giving him a hard time to complete his project and score points?quot; Since players place only one tile and have the option to place one meeple on it, turns proceed quickly even if it is a game full of options and game in the Carcassonne