Trick of the Rails
Average rating 6.00 BGG average rating 6.68
Last played 23-Oct-2012 Players 3 - 5
Total plays 1 Designer Hisashi Hayashi
Weight 1 Year 2011
Playing Time 20 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Joe 1 0 6.00 23-Oct-2012
Oggie 1 0 6.00 23-Oct-2012
Paul 1 0 6.00 23-Oct-2012
Steve 1 0 6.00 23-Oct-2012
Tel 1 1 6.00 23-Oct-2012

Trick of the Rails, themed on the rise of the American railway period, combines 18XX-like portfolio management and a trick-taking card game. Players collect stock certificates and make the companies more valuable by laying the rail network.

The game alternates between stock rounds and operating rounds. In stock rounds, the cards played become shares for the players. In operating rounds, the cards played become track for the companies. The companies get trains, which determine how many track cards they can count for their profit (the trains have costs as well, which may lead to companies not making any profit at all) and in the end, players simply count the value of their shares and highest value wins.