Urbánie (Urbanie)
Average rating 7.71 BGG average rating 6.66
Last played 11-Apr-2017 Players 2 - 5
Total plays 2 Designer Petr Chval
Weight 3 Year 2016
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Frank 1 0 8.00 8-Nov-2016
Joe 2 0 7.50 11-Apr-2017
Oggie 2 0 8.00 11-Apr-2017
Tel 2 2 7.50 11-Apr-2017

Let Urbaacute;nie introduce you to the history of cities of the European continent. Build your cities and spread their fame together with your family and fiends. Construct new buildings, magnificent monuments of become a leader and push the mankind's progress forward. Exceed your opponents with wealth and glory of your city, as well as the pride of your population.br/br/In Urbaacute;nie your score is the lowest of the scored wealth, prestige and satisfaction. Each monument adds a point as well as 2 points for person who ends the game.br/br/Each turn in Urbaacute;nie gives you the choice of 3 possible actions:br/- Take a building card from 1 of the 4 stacks and add it to your city. You can either build over a existing building or expand your city. In that case you have to pay with wealth.br/- You can take the city growth card for 1 point of either wealth, prestige or satisfaction. The next turn you have to take a building card and can expand for free. You then return the city growth card.br/- Claim a monument. For this you have to have the right symbols on your buildings.br/Once 3 of the 4 stacks of buildings for the current epoch are empty the current player can end the round. Then all buildings are scored for the current epoch. The player ending the round can start the next round. Urbaacute;nie is played over 6 epochs.br/br/The buildings have different point values for the different epochs. Where your standard housing from the start gives you 2 points of satisfaction in the first epoch, it's only 1 point in the second epoch. And going negative from epoch 4 onward. Also several buildings interact with each other, giving extra points if the other building is present in your city.br/br/