Das Amulet
Average rating 5.50 BGG average rating 6.44
Last played 25-Oct-2003 Players 0 - 0
Total plays 1 Designer Alan R. Moon; Aaron Weissblum
Weight 2 Year 0
Playing Time 60 mins BGG Entry BoardGameGeek

Player # plays # wins Average rating Last played
Boog 1 0 4.00 25-Oct-2003
Oggie 1 0 6.00 25-Oct-2003
Paul 1 0 6.00 25-Oct-2003
Tel 1 1 6.00 25-Oct-2003

The objective of Das Amulett is to collect jewels to complete your amulet. You need seven different colored jewels or eight of any kind of jewels to complete the amulet and win the game. Powerful spell cards are auctioned off each turn using a fixed set of energy stones. (Each player has ten to use throughout the game.) The winning bidder places their winning bid (in energy stones) on the acquired spell card; this card will remain in play for a length of time related to the number of energy stones placed on it. Each turn energy stones are removed from the spell cards, and these energy stones are then available again for future bidding (so these energy stones are recycled throughout the game). The spell cards give each player some resource production (four different kinds of metals) and usually a special ability that can be used in the game. With the metal resources, the jewels are auctioned off on the main board and are acquired by the players in their quest to complete their amulet.

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