10-Feb-2008All month

An old favourite, so this was an obvious choice as a 6 player game. As we had two people new to the game we played with the basic rules, ignoring the target city cards.

For a Piddinghoe gamer, there's no finer sound than gnashing of teeth and exclamations of horror. We got plenty of those today, so obviously this was a good session. Frank started the game, and managed to stitch up half the group with his first tile lay. Who would have thought that so few troll cards had been dealt out? This was to be a common theme throughout the game, with constant shouts of "not there, you idiot" and "who put that elf-cycle there?!" ringing out across the table.

And that's not taking into account the obstacle tiles. Tel was the only person brave enough to go to the cul-de-sac city. As it was in only the second round of the game he was hoping that nobody would use their obstacle to block the path. Obviously he didn't get away with that. Sadly that left him without enough cards to get back out, so he ended up stuck there at the end of the turn. Obviously that meant he attracted another obstacle in the path in the way back out.

Chrisy, one of the newcomers to the game, was giving the old hands a firm lesson. Going into the last round she was clear favourite, with only four cylinders left to pick up. These were all adjacent so it was going to take something spectacular to stop her. Plastering her route with the remaining obstacle tiles stopped her from getting them all, but left her with enough cards still in hand to win the resulting tie break and take a deserved victory.

 Comment by Tel 
*!%*!%%* **%%@@%%** dead end. If it hadn't been for those pesky kids I may not have come last.
Scores: Paul 19, Steve 19, Frank 19, Chrissy 19, Tel 18, Oggie 18
Ratings: Paul 8, Steve 8, Frank 8, Chrissy 9, Tel 8, Oggie 8
Winner(s): Chrissy