10-Feb-2008All month

We were joined by Steve and Chrissy for the afternoon. As we already have two Steve's in the core group, "new" Steve will be referred to as Frank from now on.

They have both played German games before, but aren't familiar with a huge number of them. They are, though, apparently quite familiar with games about Corks and so "kindly" introduced us to Corx.

The game's very simple. It consists of two corks. Each cork is tapered, with one end coloured red and the other black. Players take turns to drop the corks onto the table, and score for either of them which stand up. Truly a game you can learn in minutes, though perhaps not one which takes a lifetime to master.

You are probably familiar with Pass the Pigs. This game is like Pass the Pigs with the push-your-luck removed. Now if you take the push-your-luck out of Pass the Pigs, there's not much game left. You do the math.

Fortunately this wasn't the first game of the afternoon, otherwise Frank would have been putting his coat on.

 Comment by Tel 
I only missed 1 game all day. It looks like I picked the right one to miss.
Scores: Chrissy 21, Frank 20, Oggie 10, Steve 10, Paul 8
Ratings: Chrissy 6, Frank 4, Oggie 3, Steve 4, Paul 4
Winner(s): Chrissy