08-Apr-2008All month
Power Grid

In the previous couple of games we've suffered a mid-game stagnation of the power plant market. The current market has been full of plants which nobody wants, and it's taken too many turns for them to be replaced with something more useful. This time we decided to try tweaking the rules a little. If nobody buys a power plant in a round, one should be removed. We decided to try removing two instead.

Did it work? Well, it's hard to say. The game certainly flowed smoothly. We did have a turn or two where nobody wanted anything, but that situation was quickly resolved. But on the other hand we haven't had the problem in all games. And we did try the new power plant deck for the first time, so we weren't exactly following a rigorous scientific experiment. But on the whole I wouldn't hesitate to use this rule again.

As he final scores suggest, the game was fairly tight, with everybody in the running until the last couple of turns. That always keeps it interesting. This is becoming one of our most played games, and for good reason.

Oh, and Oggie horded resources again.

 Comment by Andy 
Just to add that we did use the new set of powerplant cards with this game. The power-plant stagnation was pretty minimal as you say and over the last two rounds I went from last place to first place :D


p.s. Oggie you damned hoarding pirate !!
Scores: Andy 16, Boog 16, Paul 15, Steve 15, Oggie 14
Ratings: Andy 8, Boog 8, Paul 8, Steve 8, Oggie 8
Winner(s): Andy