18-Nov-2008All month

We had six tonight and so decided to play an old favourite. Two boards (one original and one armed and dangerous) and two bases were selected and the usual mayhem ensured. Oggie must have been practicing recently because contrary to his usual performance, his robot avoided falling down the nearest pit. However he did manage to fall down several levels on the AnD board where his robot promptly fell apart within reaching distance of flag 1 meaning that he went back to the start.

Tel in the meantime managed to avoid damage for most of the game, whilst Andy, who reached flag 1 first struggled to make further process due to his robot being practically incapacitated and then finished off by Steve just before it would have been crushed anyway. Boog proved to be equally inept in this company and Paul just kept himself out of trouble with the end result that Tel romped home to a convincing victory.

 Comment by Tel 
That armed and dangerous board was vicious. The pits didnt seem too difficult on initial inspection, and indeed with an unhindered path it was navigable (I was lucky enough to avoid most of the carnage). However add 1 or 2 other robots in the way and a reduced card choice through the damage this causes, and it appears to be almost impossible to climb out of the pit once you'd fallen in.

I'd forgotten just how much fun Roborally can be. We have had the occasional "boring" game with no interaction in the past. But 2 good games in the last couple of months has rekindled the fire and hopefully this wont gather dust for another 2 or 3 years as it has in the past.

 Comment by Paul 
It's certainly impossible to get back out of the pit when you keep failing to draw any move 2 or move 3 cards! Still, I shouldn't complain too much. Being stuck down there allowed me to get so badly in other people plans that I managed to force Andy down into the lowest level of the pit, and made it harder for Boog getting out of it, all in one turn! Sweet gaming moment!

Just using a couple of check points criss crossing a couple of boards definately seems to be the way to go with this game. It keeps everyone together, with the chaos that entails.

 Comment by Andy 
I'd have won too if it hadn't been for those pesky kids!

 Comment by Boog 
I think I spent the last 7 or 8 turns down in the lowest level of the pit before finally getting crushed. Still really enjoyed it though. We definitely should play this more often, and I think the key to making it fun is reducing the number of boards and increasing the number of checkpoints.
Thereby increasing the amount of robot-on-robot carnage, which let's face it, is where all the fun is in this game!
Scores: Tel 2, Paul 1, Andy 1, Oggie 0, Steve 0, Boog 0
Ratings: Tel 8, Paul 8, Andy 8, Oggie 7, Steve 7, Boog 8
Winner(s): Tel