18-Nov-2008All month

We finished the session off with a 30 minute game of Don. Everyone seemed frugal with their bids tonight except Andy who managed to spend nearly all his cash early on. Piddinghoe is as Piddinghoe does, everyone else though it highly amusing to keep him locked out of the rest of the game. It was particularly impressive to see most of the other players sacrificing their chances of winning in order to keep Andy locked in this state of play. Eventually Boog won by a convincing margin.

Oh and just to add that you are all scumbags !

Stupid game !

Burn it !


 Comment by Paul 
Definatelty a Piddinghoe game, where the mantra of "do whatever is funniest" comes to the fore. This is another of those games like The Bucket Game where winning firmly takes a back seat.

 Comment by Boog 
Just have to echo PJ there. Not very sporting, but funny as a funny thing on a stick!
Scores: Boog 18, Steve 12, Oggie 8, Paul 7, Andy 4
Ratings: Boog 8, Steve 7, Oggie 7, Paul 8, Andy 6
Winner(s): Boog