22-Oct-2009All month

This is a worker placement game based in Egypt. Workers are placed in spaces along the Nile. About half of the spaces have a fixed purpose on each

of the 5 turns, the other half being made up from a deck of cards. The cards laid in later turns tend to be more powerful than earlier ones. You

have eight workers but usually won't have the opportunity to play them all. The innovation in this game is the river placement mechanism. Each

worker you place must be downstream of all of your others. This results in players pretty much leapfrogging over each other when placing their


The basic idea is to try to build up a balance between the two primary resources in the game, which are men and stone. Then use these to generate

VPs. Most victory points are earned throughout the game, though a not insignificant amount come from bonus cards which may be collected each turn.

Men come in four colours and you may have up to nine of each. You can only use the men of each colour once per turn, and each man uses one brick.

These are primarily used to take bonus cards and to build monuments.

We played it twice. Once as a two player in the halls with a couple of obligatory rule misteachings and the other time back at the hotel as a

foursome. Nothing revolutionary here, except perhaps the restriction of only taking actions downstream of earlier ones. Nicely done though, and we

both thought it was one of the better games we played this year. There’s some German on the cards – particularly the bonus cards, which all have

text – but a cheat sheet will sort that out. There’s an English version due out, but I believe it’s fairly far down Rio’s priority list.
Scores: Oggie 126, Paul 120
Ratings: Oggie 7, Paul 8
Winner(s): Oggie