10-Nov-2009All month
Power Grid - Factory manager

Oggie turned up with the game whilst Paul ably described the Rules. Pity I wasn't really taking it in, as usual.

I loved the look of the game and I loved the balancing of all the resources.

Oggie won by a country mile and froze for a shot of his Obama Victory pose. He might take a while to choose his move but in this instance it paid off.

I think I need to check out those tiles and fathom what the key ones to buy are!

I've uploaded 3 pics, so by all means, if you can edit the image, have a look at the other ones.

 Comment by Paul 
We'll have to have words with Oggie's clowns. They're obviously whispering some decent tactics to him.

This was my second game in three days, and a bit of an exercise in chalk and cheese. On Sunday, I got off to a flier and saw income increasing turn on turn. Today, it all went horribly wrong. So badly wrong that income on my second turn was only 14. Oops.

A decent game, though not in the same class as Powergrid.
Scores: Oggie 255, Steve 229, Paul 188, Frank 178, Chrissy 158
Ratings: Oggie 8, Steve 7, Paul 7, Frank 8, Chrissy 7
Winner(s): Oggie