19-Jan-2010All month
Through the Desert

The second game of the night was another odd one. Itís not unusual for setting up to take longer than the actual game. Usually itís not over quite so quickly though.

In normal Piddinghoe fashion, we were more interested in stitching each other up in the initial placements than in grabbing a nice area. So it was probably no great surprise that at the end of the game, some chains hadnít expanded beyond their initial camel. Of course, the Great Pink Camel Rush of 2010 didnít help. Andy and Tel both decided they wanted the majority in pink. Paul decided he fancied a bunch of them too to surround an area. We blinked. Pink gone. Game over.

Joe and Steve had wisely decided to stay out of that little competition. Joe busied himself with placing camels onto water and beside trees. Steve mopped up the majorities in most of the remaining colours. This proved to be the winning strategy.

Packing up took longer than playing the game too.
Scores: Steve 55, Andy 46, Gloria 37, Tel 33, Paul 32
Ratings: Steve 8, Andy 7, Gloria 6, Tel 7, Paul 7
Winner(s): Steve