19-Jan-2010All month
Modern Art

Steve decided we should finish the night with this, despite not liking it. Or, apparently, being any good at it.

This game was possibly the first time we'd seen somebody put up a double auction without the second card. Then again, this was the first time we'd played the game with Joe. So other groups must play games differently to us. Who'd have thought it.

Tel made the mistake of leaving the room a couple of times, during once round the table auctions. Obviously we refused to tell him what the current bid was when he got back. He didn't seem too keen on our suggestion that he should just make a bid and we'd tell him if it was valid. We liked it though.

The only other really noticeable thing about this game is that not a single painting was sold for Christian P. At least one of us were left wishing we had a lot less of them and a lot more of something useful by the end of the game. The one of us being me. Sigh.

Joe took a narrow victory against Tel to claim his first win against the Piddinghoe crowd. Sadly we couldn't persuade him to do an Obama dance of victory.
Scores: Gloria 398, Tel 389, Andy 366, Paul 311, Steve 266
Ratings: Gloria 7, Tel 8, Andy 7, Paul 8, Steve 6
Winner(s): Gloria