18-May-2010All month

I really like Irondale. Going to order it from Small Box Press and its expansion once the next Pre-orders start in June. A simple card laying game whereby the positioning of the cards (Buildings) against others affect the score you earn for that round. Score can be partially exchanged for cards, to allow you to continue laying down buildings on your turn.

Joe thought it was not a game that was easy to get across to new players and I would agree. But once you start playing it, all becomes clear. I would say, however, that it could take quite some time to decide where to place your buildings to maximise score, so I think the guide time might be overambitious until you have played it quite a lot.
Scores: Joe 20, Frank 18, Steve 17, Chrissy 11
Ratings: Joe 6, Frank 7, Steve 7, Chrissy 6
Winner(s): Joe