14-Nov-2010All month

Tel's preorder had arrived so he was keen to give it a go. Oggie and Paul already had the benefit of a single play under their belt, albiet with an incorrect rule. The rule error from the previous game was forgetting to take poverty points for cards in hand. Playing this correctly certainly gives the game more bite as hand management becomes much more important.

We all seemed keen on the idea of keeping poverty points under control in the early game. This saw us all keeping our cities down to about four stacks, and buying a bunch of boroughs. Tel started to find this a bit restrictive after playing cards which dodn't flip, so we saw the size of his city start to increase. He was having to pay to use some of his cards each time his city was activated so seemed very keen on building shops to get an income.

Paul wasn't bothering with cards which trickled income in over time. He just kept playing big income generators and raking in the cash. Oggie had a slightly different approach to getting income. Don't bother. Whilst this had the advantage of not having to worry about playing income generators, it did have the unfortunate effect of not allowing him to play much else either.

The outcome of the game probably resolved around a turn which saw Paul play two sewers, making a big dent in his poverty. Another in his next run, combined with a lot of boroughs, saw his poverty hit zero at game end. This was to prove his saviour, as Tel had achieved a higher score in VPs on cards played but was hammered by his poverty.

Not hammered as much as Oggie though. Sadly for him, but not for the rest of us, he'd not scored much elsewhere either. With a final score of -1 he'd have been better off not playing at all.

I'm liking this more with the right rules. I'm still not convinced that the board is necessary though.
Scores: Paul 65, Tel 50, Oggie -1
Ratings: Paul 8, Tel 8, Oggie 6
Winner(s): Paul