03-Jan-2002All month

First playing of this. Paul and Tel took it for a spin checking if itís a train game (its not - needs too much space). Players are trying to build temples in 5 regions drafting workers from these 5 regions. Each race has its own abilities. Not suprisingly for a first play we got it wrong but only because the rules were wrong. The Red peoples ability only allows you to pinch the top set of matching people not all matching people in the column. Good game, just a shame its not a train game so wont see much play. Paul took the game by trashing Tel to below 10 then building to 15.
Scores: Paul 16, Tel 7
Ratings: Paul 7, Tel 7
Winner(s): Paul


Pauls first attempt at designing a train game. 3 colours with cards 1-17. 7 dealt to each player with 5 placed face up in a row and 2 replacements also face up. Players fight for middle card in usual trick taking way. Winner plants the card played and takes won card to hand. Loser puts one replacement in hand and one to replace the won card. Winner then moves position 1 card either way. If player gets beyond the fifth card its reset to middle but they steal one of opponents planted cards. Play until all cards drawn. Winner is pleyer with biggest planted run + position on 5 cards. Great concept should see plenty of train game play. Terry took this game after winning all bar 4 of the tricks. Now changed.

And changed again.

With a few blank lines ddd fff qqq ff
Scores: Tel 6, Paul 5
Ratings: Tel 7, Paul 7
Winner(s): Tel


First try as a 2 player and it played great. Still one of the favourites from Essen 01. Tel pulled out a couple of big scores in the mid game to take the win.
Scores: Tel 539, Paul 474
Ratings: Tel 8, Paul 8
Winner(s): Tel