17-Jan-2002All month

And to end the night a game of Bohnanza. The game where players are Bean farmers trying to trade, plant and harvest beans in their two fields. This one hasnt hit the table for a while. With three we thought there may be a lot less trading. While there was a reduction in trading since less players wanting the cards on offer, there was still enough to make the game work.

After Diversifying in the previous game of the session, Tel had a change of tactics by Specialising in Cowboy Beans. He had Cowboys in one field for most of the game and they provided him with over half his score. Of course they take so long to score that while he was collecting these both Paul and Boog were steadily harvesting the more profitable beans. Both Paul and Boog managed to harvest 3 of the lucrative Angry beans for 3 coins. Interestingly despite there being only three of us nobody bought a 3rd field showing that there was enough trading going on to avoid too many unwanted harvests.

In the final tally Boog claimed the game from Paul with Tel getting the wooden spoon. We all enjoyed bohnanza but it was no match for the other two games of the night.

Final Scores
Boog 24, Paul 21, Tel 19

Only 7s for everyone.
Scores: Boog 24, Paul 21, Tel 19
Ratings: Boog 7, Paul 7, Tel 7
Winner(s): Boog


Second game to hit the table was Medici one of the Knizia auction games. There are 5 types of commodities and on each of the 3 turns you are trying to buy 5 items. At the end of each turn there are points for the two people who have bought the most of each commodity so far and possible bonuses for collecting large amounts of a commodity. Each card has a value
and points are also available for the highest total value each turn. Wed never played it with three so gave it a try.

During the first turn items were bought fairly evenly with Boog only getting one card for free to complete the round. He had gone for a majority on Furs, Paul had picked up 3 cloth while Tel had bought most of the 5s as they came out giving him 4 of the 5 commodites along the way. At the end of turn one Tel had a bit of a lead over the Boog with Paul trailing.

Onto the second turn and the Boog picked up the Gold quite early to take the highest value. Tel bought his 5 cards quickly closely followed by Boog filling his ship leaving Paul to take the top 5 cards for free. And what a draw, 5 high cards so that he almost caught the Boogs total and in the commodities he was collecting. This brought everyone back together with Tel still just leading from Paul and Boog.

The third day and Paul picked up the Gold early this time. Boog then bought out quickly, followed by Paul, leaving Tel with 5 freebies. These turned out to be 5 different commodities with a total value lower then Paul or Boog. In the final reckoning Paul and Boog had both managed to max out on one commodity scoring the 20 bonus points but had low to middling amounts on everything else, Tel had middling values for all commodites. Paul took the game by 5 from Tel with Boog a further 12 behind.

After playing the game Im not sure what the winning strategy is for this with 3. With more players you need to try and specialise, however with three players my unintentional tactic of diversifying almost won me the game. Another enjoyable game.

Final Scores
Paul 147, Tel 142, Boog 130

Another round of 8s.
Scores: Paul 147, Tel 142, Boog 130
Ratings: Paul 8, Tel 8, Boog 8
Winner(s): Paul

Web of Power

Just three of us at this impromptu games session so we decided to hit some of the old favourites and Web of Power hit the table first. We needed a quick recap of the rules for the Boog.

The game is about placing monastries and advisors on a map of medieval Europe to capture influence. Cards representing each of the European countries are used to place influence pieces.You can play up to 3 cards to play up to 2 pieces into 1 country. You can play two types of piece - cloisters which go on the printed spaces or advisors where there can only be as many advisors in a country as the number of the most common cloister. Scoring occurs for cloisters, advisors and for chains of clositers.

Into the game and all of us were trying to playing advisors but Paul was struggling with the cards hed got. (though he did gain sole control of Aragon). Tel and the Boog were able to play more advisors. In a departure from the norm Paul opened France up very early and at the end of a mad scramble Tel had got contol of the advisors and joint most cloisters for France with Paul. At the first scoring phase Tel and Paul were on the same score some way ahead of the Boog however Tel
and the Boog were both in a good position with advisors.

Into the second round and Tel was trying to gain advisors near France, Boog was looking to tie up advisors around Bayern and Paul trying to get advisors adjacent to Shwaben and that Aragon. Once again Tel seemed to be close to running out of
pieces towards the end, having played quite a few wild cards. On the last play of the game Boog managed to get both a cloister and an advisor into Italy gaining sole control of the country and depriving Paul of points. And it proved important as he pipped Paul to 2nd place by a single point. Tel won the game 12 points clear.

As always a tremendous game of Web Of Power. I really wish this one could hit the table more often.

Final Scores
Tel 74, Boog 62, Paul 61

Ratings 8s all round
Scores: Tel 74, Boog 62, Paul 61
Ratings: Tel 8, Boog 8, Paul 8
Winner(s): Tel