05-Feb-2002All month

Scores: Tel , Andy , Steve
Ratings: Tel 7, Andy 7, Steve 7
Winner(s): Tel


Scores: Paul , Tel , Andy , Steve
Ratings: Paul 7, Tel 7, Andy 8, Steve 7
Winner(s): Andy

Princes of Florence

Another new game to the group as we try another of last years Essen buys. Paul had gone to the effort of printing out translation slips for the cards and the phase summary on the board and this really did helped the game flow.

Each player starts the game with a choice of 3 from 4 artists, 3500 florins and an empty estate. By the end of the 7 turns of the game they will have built buildings and landscapes, employed architects and entertainers and allowed artistic freedom so that their artists have got the ideal conditions to produce pieces of work. Each turn is split into two phases and auctions phase and a building phase. In the auction phase there are 7 items that can be bid upon but only one of each is allowed to be sold each turn. Also each player is only allowed to buy 1 item each turn. In the second phase each player then gets two actions to perform which can include building buildings, hiring more artists, buying bonus cards ( which increase the value of works) or producing a piece of work. The work is worth points depending on whether the players estate matches the artists preferred environment. These points can then be converyted into cash, VPs or a combination of the two.

As you would expect with a new game the start was a little slow with nobody being really sure of what was worth buying or doing. The first round passed uneventfully with nobody producing any works at all. Into the second round and we got our first works out from 3 of the players. Into the third round and we were all wondering what Paul was up to, he hadnt built anything, only had a couple of entertainers on the board but had a handful of cards and was still on no score with everybody else having built and scored. Steve was going into building frenzy filling his estate up with buildings and landscapes. Kev had been caught out a couple of times trying to push the price up at auction and had bought 2 very early prestige cards which wouldnt score until the end game. As the game entered the late phase Paul was starting to catch up with some big works thanks to his entertainers, Tel and Andy were pushing for the lead having both produced 5 works during the game. However neither of them had got any Prestige cards and this was to lose them the game. Both Paul and Kev scored for 2 completed prestige cards with Steve completing one. This gave Paul the game by quite a margin. Tel, Andy and Kev were all quite closely bunched in 2nd,3rd and 4th with Steve bringing up the rear.

A great game thoroughly enjoyed by all and resulting in Andy giving it an extremely rare rating of 10. As with most good games you just havent got enough time to do everything you want so have to make some fairly difficult decision. The game came in at just under 2 hours but didnt seem anywhere as long as this. Everyone wants to play this one again soon.

Final Scores
Paul 54, Tel 47, Andy 44, Kev 42, Steve 34

Ratings / 10
Paul 9, Tel 8, Andy 10, Kev 9, Steve 8
Scores: Paul 54, Tel 47, Andy 44, Kev 42, Steve 34
Ratings: Paul 9, Tel 8, Andy 10, Kev 9, Steve 8
Winner(s): Paul