12-Feb-2002All month

From the old favourite to the new with Carcassone. We decided to use the river expansion which replaces the original starting tile with a collection of tiles that build up a river.

Tel and Andy had had a few battles on BSW recently and so it continiued with both trying to fight there way into each others cities. Steve seemed content on drawing cloister after cloister at the start of the game. The river provides an extra barrier to fields and hence tends to produce more fields for the farmers to populate. Both Tel and Steve used there meeple early and neither could get any back for the last 6 or 7 rounds. Andy however had a couple of meeple left and managed to convert these into farmers in the end game.

Andys late farmers gave him the game quite comfortably. As always an enjoyable game.

Andy 89, Steve 74, Tel 66

Ratings / 10
8s all round
Scores: Andy 89, Steve 74, Tel 66
Ratings: Andy 8, Steve 8, Tel 8
Winner(s): Andy


Only three of us tonight so we decided on a few shorter games. Pompeii hit the Table first. As with previous games of this the game had a running commentary of curses as we realised great scoring moves were illegal due to the rule of not playing same colours or symbols orthogonally. Next to each other.

Tel got off to a flyer largely due to both Andy and Steve both being unable to score with an early placement. However some good scoring brought everyone close again with a one point three quarters of the way through everyone was on the same total. However some big scores in the end game and Tel took the win.

Pompeii is a tremendous little game, playing in just under 1/2 hour.

Final Scores
Tel 288, Steve 231, Andy 222

Ratings / 10
Tel 8, Steve 7, Andy 7
Scores: Tel 288, Steve 231, Andy 222
Ratings: Tel 8, Steve 7, Andy 7
Winner(s): Tel

Ricochet Robot

To end the night we thought wed give the brain aching puzzle game Richocet Robot a go. 4 robots start randomly distributed around the board. The aim is to be the quickest to find the least number of moves to get a robot to a position on the board, determined by a random tile. However robots can only move in a straight line and will keep moving until somethings stops them. This game requires thought and concentration and lots of it.

Andy, who was trying to maintain his 100% record at Ricochet Robot, got off to a flyer taking 3 of the first 4 tiles. Tel and Steve shared the next few tiles. Probably due to it being the end of the evening things got a bit scrappy, with incorrect calls and people forgetting the moves however it remained close with Tel stumbling over the line by being first to collect 6 tiles.

As long as you donít mind thinking quickly this is a gem of a game. Some in the group hate this game but all there last night thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tel 6, Andy 5, Steve 4

Ratings / 10
Tel 8, Andy 9, Steve 8
Scores: Andy 9, Steve 8, Tel 6
Ratings: Andy 5, Steve 4, Tel 8
Winner(s): Tel

Settlers of Catan

Its rare for there to be less then 5 of us, so with only 3 it was a rare opportunity to bring out Settlers. In a change from recent games the starting layouts did not have obvious strong start positions and made for a very close game.

The game got off to a very slow start with Andy not picking up brick, Tel not getting any wood and Steve only seeing brick and ore. An early road building card allowed Tel to beat Andy to a 3 for 1 port. Steve was still struggling hoping to roll 11/12s for a couple of resources but they were not coming up, in fact neither was rolled in the whole game, and on numerous occasions was forced to build a road with 5 brick. The middle game saw Tel and Andy buying Cards like theyd gone out of fashion, with Andy getting the Largest Army in the process, Steve had managed to craft the longest road out of his bricks. Andy then connected all his towns taking the longest road, giving him 8 visible points and a card he seemed reluctant to play. Tel had 6 visible points with 3 cards to one side. Steve had 5 points on display. After a couple of turns of both Andy and Tel buying cards and both increasing the size of their armies, Steve managed to extend his road to take the longest road back. Then Tel with 10 resources in his hand managed to trade in a couple of fields worth of wheat to build a town, revealed his 3 victory points and won the game.

The was one of the closest games of this weve played in a long time. The winner was not clear at any point with Steve catching fast at the end even though half his numbers never came up.

Tel 10, Andy 8, Steve 8

Ratings / 10
Tel 8, Andy 9, Steve 8
Scores: Tel 10, Andy 8, Steve 8
Ratings: Tel 8, Andy 9, Steve 8
Winner(s): Tel