21-Feb-2002All month

With about 1/2 hour left we decided on a couple of rounds of Don. This was the game that Paul was so impressed with at Essen he bought two copies. Players as gangsters are trying to buy control of the various areas of Chicago. Each player starts with 12 carrots ( well they are orange and look like sliced carrots). The districts of Chicagos are shown by the colour of the card, each card also has a number ( 0 - 9). The cards are auctioned off, first 1 then 2,3,1,2,3... etc. The highest bid wins the cards paying the relevant number of carrots split between each player who shares a majority in the number matching the bid. Eg a bid of 12 would go to whoover had the most 2, 15 to 5s, 18 to 8s etc. Players are not allowed to make a bid that ends in a number they own.

Despite playing this quite a lot no-one has determined a winning strategy yet. Everyone seems to win their fair share of games. Yet the game certainly has strategy to it.

Tel won the first game by having enough carrots to ensure getting the last 5 cards. The second was moire interesting as Paul quickly got 1-5 and Boog collecting 6-0, things tended to very expensive ealry. Boog eventually won through with Paul grabbing 2nd place

Great filler for the end of the night ( or down the pub) playing a round in about 15 mins.

Final Scores
Tel 21, Boog 18, Paul 13
Tel 11, Boog 21, Paul 17

Ratings / 10
all scored it 8
Scores: Tel 21, Boog 18, Paul 13
Ratings: Tel 8, Boog 8, Paul 8
Winner(s): Tel


Scores: Boog 21, Paul 17, Tel 11
Ratings: Boog 8, Paul 8, Tel 8
Winner(s): Boog

Lost Cities

Scores: Tel 102, Paul 60
Ratings: Tel 8, Paul 7
Winner(s): Tel

Lost Cities

Scores: Tel 129, Paul 77
Ratings: Tel 7, Paul 7
Winner(s): Tel

San Marco

A temporary change of night meant a low turn out this week of only three. This gave us chance however to pull out another 3-4 player game this time being San Marco. Both Paul and Boog had played it once before but Tel hadnt so a quick run through of the rules was needed. The board shows the 6 districts of Venice divided by the canals. The aim of the game is to have the most influence (wooden cubes) in a district when the Doge comes to visit. There are cards which allow players to put cubes into an area, build bridges over the canal, swap a cube in any district for one of their own, remove a number determined by a dice roll of cubes from a district or to move the Doge and hence trigger a scoring of one district. To determine what cards each player gets one player draws a combination of the action cards described above and number cards. He then splits them into three piles, with the other two players getting first choice of these piles. The number cards detremine the length of the game. There are three passages to a game, each passage ends when someone collects cards worth 10 points.

As is becoming traditional within the group, about 3/4 of the way through the game we discovered that we were playing it wrong. On the initial read through of the rules the concept of rounds and passages became confused and we played the game with one player splitting the cards for all rounds of a passage, in reality this should change every round.

Tel got to split the piles for the first passage and as he hadnt played the game before immediately shot himself in the foot by bad splitting of the cards. By the time hed worked out what was going on Paul and Boog had gained control of the board between them. Not many Doges came visiting in the first passage so at the end of the first passage Paul had only had a small lead from Boog with Tel trailing but he had bettrer board position after a good roll on a banishment.

Into the second passage and Paul had the task of splitting the cards. Boog was unlucky rolling a 1 on a banishmnet roll after taking a big hit to get it. Tel managed to gain complete control of 1 area and managed to score quite heavily on it for a couple of rounds. Paul having last choice managed to maintain control over much of the board but was not scoring as big. By the end of the second passage Paul still had a small lead but now from Tel with Boog languishing in third.

Onto the third passage and Boog splitting the cards. Paul was getting first pick each turn and it was at this point we realised we were playing it wrong. With Paul guaranteed to get first pick he could comfortably ensure that nobody could do too much to disrupt his control. With the proper rules this would not have been the case and made for a more exciting finish. As it was the Boog managed to wrest contol of a couple of areas away from Paul but it was not enough and Paul took a comfortable win, with Tel bringing up the rear.

A nice game that causes much gnashing of teeth as players try to firsat split the cards well, and then try and decide which pile to take. The game played at just under two hours but that was with references to the rules. We are all keen to play this again with the proper rules.

Final Scores
Paul 80, Boog 72, Tel 65

Rating / 10
Paul 8, Boog 7, Tel 7
Scores: Paul 80, Boog 72, Tel 65
Ratings: Paul 8, Boog 7, Tel 7
Winner(s): Paul