26-Feb-2002All month

This game is a great game to play but a pig to write up. Tel spent most of the game building two big cities, one got finished but not before everyone except Paul had found a way in, the second one was never going to finish. Paul scored a few small towns and roads and 1 clositer that scored him 9 points as soon as it was played. Steve and Boog seem to grab most of the cloisters between them, with Boog also going early and heavily for the Farmer strategy. Despite playing the River expansion which splits the fields up, it was his farmers that eventually won the game.

Final Scores
Boog 80, Steve 75, Paul 69, Tel 57

Ratings / 10
8s all round
Scores: Boog 80, Steve 75, Paul 69, Tel 57
Ratings: Boog 8, Steve 8, Paul 8, Tel 8
Winner(s): Boog

David and Goliath

Finished the evening with the, low wins highest card, highest card wins the rest, trick taking game. Because you only score face value for cards where you have only won one or two cards in that colour, it is often very difficult to determine who is likely to win, as a bad last hand can ruin a score.

Possibly because this was the last game of four in a busy session, this was not as vicious as previous games. In previous games everyone seemed intent on ruining everyone elses score often at the expense of their own score. The game didnt play this way with only a couple of hands getting nasty ( Boog has threatened to spend the whole of the next game in a vendetta against Steve - which should be fun). Tel managed to quietly accumulate a reasonable score in the first round. Everyone complained of a bad hand in the 2nd round. Paul looked favourite for the round going into the last hand, however the fates transpired against him as he won the last round spoiling his score, Steve also won with the lowest card taking a high card he didnt want. This gave Boog the round but Tel won the game by a large margin from Steve, Paul and Boog all close together.

Paul scored the game down due to the lack of nastiness, but it didnt seem to detract from the game for everyone else.
Tel 57 + 38 = 95
Steve 37 + 26 = 63
Paul 35 + 27 = 62
Boog 19 + 40 = 59

Final Ratings
Tel 8, Steve 8, Paul 6, Boog 8
Scores: Tel 95, Steve 63, Paul 62, Boog 59
Ratings: Tel 8, Steve 8, Paul 6, Boog 8
Winner(s): Tel

Mississippi Queen

The night was started with Mississippi Queen, the race game where players are allowed gentle acceleration, braking and turns for free but need to decide when to use the limited amount of coal to make those more aggressive moves.

It immediately became clear that Steve had never driven one of these steamboats before when his first move was a sideways one. Everyone else steamed into the distance leaving Steve gently cruising round the first few bends. Tel who was trail blazing was having problems navigating the river with 6 right turns on the trot. This gave Paul and Boog the chance to catch up as they had more time to plan ahead for these tight turns.

As the three leaders slowed down to pickup their passengers a speeding Steve, who already had his full compliment of passengers, shot past them full pelt. It was now just a case of whether the bends of the river could defeat him. Tel piled the coal on in vain to try and catch, with Paul trying to slingshot his way round one of the larger islands. Steve came home by the proverbial country mile, with Tel comfortably in second from Paul. Boog decided to end it all by causing carnage at the last pickup point by ramming the passengers.

This played much quicker than our first attempt coming in around the 40 minutes mark. Although the Boog is still not convinced about this game the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed it.

Steve , Tel, Paul, Boog

Ratings / 10

Steve 8, Tel 8, Paul 8, Boog 7
Scores: Tel , Steve , Boog , Paul
Ratings: Tel 8, Steve 8, Boog 7, Paul 8
Winner(s): Steve

Web of Power

After discovering that we had been playing this wrong so far we decided to try it with the correct rules. We had been playing that a player had to declare all the cards he was re-stocking his cards with before actually taking the cards, however this is not in the rules. The correct ruling allows for more tactical selection of cards producing more wild cards.

Franken and Bayern were the first two countries to be opened up. Bayern eventually falling under the influence of Tel with Franken being claimed by Boog with a little help from an open wildcard most turns. As the first round drew to a close the first scoring phase saw a very close contest with the four of us having consecutive scores. The second round opened with a scramble for Frankriech. Steve managed to grab the last cloister and advisor, which cost Paul 15 points and ultimately the game. Boog continued to specialise in the northeast of the board, with everyone alse spread across the whole board, and it the advisors in this area that won him the game. Despite trailing after the clositer scoring he came through strong on with his advisors, plus a 4 point chain and the victory was his. Steve and Paul tied for second with Tel languishing in last having scored no advisors.

The game was quicker using the correct rules as you get through the deck quicker but it did produce a much lower scores. Everyone still enjoys this game which is the groups 2nd most played game bought at Essen 2000 after Carcassone.

Final Scores
Boog 49, Paul 42, Steve 42, Tel 39

Ratings / 10
8s all round
Scores: Boog 49, Steve 42, Paul 42, Tel 39
Ratings: Boog 8, Steve 8, Paul 8, Tel 8
Winner(s): Boog