12-Mar-2002All month
Dragon's Gold

The aim of Dragons Gold is to end the game with the most valuable horde of treasure claimed from killing dragons. The game starts with four dragons. Each dragon has a strength (5 - 10), a visible number of treasures and a hidden number of treasures. Each player has four characters they use to defeat the dragons. Each turn, he lays one character next to a dragon. Each character has a strength from 1-4, once there are characters with a combined strength larger than the dragons, it is dead. The hidden treasure is now produced, then all players involved in the killing have 1 minute to agree on how the treasure will be divided. If they cant agree the treasure is lost.

If a wizard is involved in the killing, and its players owner receives a red treasure then they also get a special power card (magic item). If a thief is involved in a killing then the owning player gets to randomly steal a treasure from any player involved in that killing, if there is a wizard and thief from the same player then that player gets to look and decide which treasure he wants to steal. The treasures score in different ways, some score per piece (red,gold,silver), others only if you have the most of that colour (blue,green,purple,white,yellow) or a set of colours. However, owning the black treasure at the end of the game renders this 2nd group worthless but is worth 15 points itself.

This was only our second playing of Dragons Gold and nearly a year since the first game. The group seemed to be in a very generous mood with no treasure being lost. Despite it being on the play screens most of us missed that there is a different distribution of the treasures, so no one batted an eyelid when Andy picked up 2 of the very rare white treasures early on. Because every dragon was divied up everyone was getting their fair share of treasures. Everyone seemed happy with the treasures to the extent that when the market came up and we got one minute of free trading - nobody used it. The Black diamond came up fairly late in the game but did come bundled with a few gold and silver tokens. Tel took the Black diamond and all the gold and silver that came with it.

In the final reckoning Andy had the majority in two colours, Paul and Boog in 1 each and Oggie having to make do with half a share of the fifth colour. The two colour majority only just won the game from Paul who tried to claim a win after miscounting.

The game seemed more fun this time around and although coming in at just under 90 mins seemed quite quick in playing.

Final Scores
Andy 42, Paul 41, Tel 39, Boog 37, Oggie 32

Ratings / 10
Andy 8, Paul 7, Tel 7, Boog 7, Oggie 7
Scores: Andy 42, Paul 41, Tel 39, Boog 37, Oggie 32
Ratings: Andy 8, Paul 7, Tel 7, Boog 7, Oggie 7
Winner(s): Andy

Formula Motor Racing

We ended the night with 2 races of the Knizia card game Formula Motor Racing. Each player has two cars in the race and plays cards to alter the order of the cars with the ultimate aim of winning the race. Unlike true motor racing the strategy (at least in our group) is not to try and hit the front too early. Players are looking to try and jockey for position to be in as strong a position as possible without looking like a threat and attracting the negative effect cards.

In the first game Paul managed this best, not taking the lead until the last card of the race. In the second race Oggie and Pauls first cars crashed out early, despite only having 1 car to concentrate on Oggie soon found himself at the rear of the pack. Desperate to reduce the field size he played a spin out card. He rolled the dice and rolled his own car, luckily for him he was allowed 1 re-roll which of course he used to roll the same number again. As Oggie trudged disconsolately back to the pits cheering on the non-player, the rest of us got down to the effort of trying to win the race. Oggie got some satisfaction in seeing the non-player win the race, but Paul finished high enough to secure the championship.

Final Scores
Paul 14, Boog 9, Tel 8, Andy 7, Oggie 2

Ratings / 10
Paul 7, Boog 7, Tel 7, Andy 7, Oggie 6
Scores: Paul 14, Tel 8, Boog 8, Andy 7, Oggie 2
Ratings: Paul 7, Tel 7, Boog 7, Andy 7, Oggie 6
Winner(s): Paul

Lost Cities

Scores: Tel 96, Paul 61
Ratings: Tel 8, Paul 7
Winner(s): Tel

Lost Cities

Scores: Tel 142, Paul 73
Ratings: Tel 8, Paul 7
Winner(s): Tel


Another game that hadnt hit the table for a while. Players are building the Paris underground but with an agenda to try and ensure the longest routes start at their own stations.

The Boog declared before this game that although he enjoys the game he is hopeless at it. Andy started as he meant to continue by diverting a number of other peoples tracks for low scores. Oggie scored a reasonably big track early on so everyone made sure he didnt score too many more. Everyone started to catch up as their tracks were finished except the Boog who managed to keep his stations open. As we went into the last round of tile placement Boog was 20 points behind the next player and 30 behind the leader, but the tiles were kind to him and he scored 70 points from the last 5 tiles, to take the game in emphatic style, hopeless indeed.

We play Metro as a very light game that plays in about 30 minutes regardless of how many are playing.

Final Score
Boog 73, Tel 44, Oggie 43, Paul 40, Andy 33

Ratings / 10
Boog 7, Tel 8, Oggie 8, Paul 8, Andy 6
Scores: Boog 73, Tel 44, Oggie 43, Paul 40, Andy 33
Ratings: Boog 7, Tel 8, Oggie 8, Paul 8, Andy 6
Winner(s): Boog