19-Mar-2002All month

The evening started with a quick game of Don. The auction game where players are trying to amass cards of the same colour, but are not allowed to bid any numbers that end in a number they already own.

The game started with the first three auctions being won by different players. Steve and Boog had both won their second auctions before either Tel or Andy had bought anything. As the last auction came up the colours matched Boogs - if he could win this auction the game was his. Both he and Tel had a stack of cash in front of them. Boog started with a conservative 10 , Tel then bet the lot, all 24. Boog quickly counted his pile to find that he also had 24 so couldnt beat the bid. Tel had won, but only just because Andy had the majority of 4s he got all the winning bid,this gave him 2 extra VP to finish just a point behind Tel with Paul just one point back from Andy.

A gentle introduction in to the evening with a game that doesnt cause too many headaches but is good fun.

Final Scores
Tel 13, Andy 12, Paul 11, Boog 6, Steve 5

Ratings / 10
Tel 8, Andy 7, Paul 7, Boog 7, Steve 7
Scores: Tel 13, Andy 12, Paul 11, Boog 6, Steve 5
Ratings: Tel 8, Andy 7, Paul 7, Boog 7, Steve 7
Winner(s): Tel

Lost Cities

Scores: Paul 162, Tel 146
Ratings: Paul 8, Tel 8
Winner(s): Paul

Lost Cities

Scores: Paul 128, Tel 93
Ratings: Paul 8, Tel 7
Winner(s): Paul

Nicht die Bohn

We finished with one hand of Nicht de Bohn. A great little filler of a game that allows people to try to really screw up other players. Each of the 4 colours has the same 15 cards and at the end of the game a player scores for each colour. The numbered cards (1 - 10) score at face value, the zero card cancels this players score in this colour, the x2 card doubles the score and each -1 card multiplies the score by -1. Play starts in each round with the starting player playing a card face up. All the other players then simultaneously play a card. The starting player takes whichever card he wants apart from the starting card. The Player who played the card chosen, gets to choose next, and so forth. The last player gets the starting card and becomes the starting player for the next round.

The secret of winning this game in our group is to not score too heavily unless you can be certain that your scores cant be negatived or zeroed by the rest of the crowd. While everyone was busy trashing each others scores, Boog managed to quietly acquire a reasonable score spread over the 4 colours.

A fun game even for Tel who would have got a bigger score by not playing.

Final Scores
Boog 59, Paul 38, Andy 34, Steve 11, Tel -15

Ratings / 10
Boog 9, Paul 7, Andy 7, Steve 8, Tel 7
Scores: Boog 59, Paul 38, Andy 34, Steve 11, Tel -15
Ratings: Boog 9, Paul 7, Andy 7, Steve 8, Tel 7
Winner(s): Boog


We then launched into the big game of the evening. Vinci is a civilisation building game that usually plays in between 90 mins and 2 hours. Each civilisation has 2 abilities, players expand their civilisations scoring points for the number of territories they control. Once they think a civilistion has outlived its usefulness they can put it into decline and choose a new civlisation to start. The abilities of the civilisations include giving more people, increasing attack or defense and scoring more points for certain territories. This was our first play with the 2nd edition rules. The cleaned up rules highlighted a few things wed been doing wrong.

From the initial setup of civilisation tiles there was a peach of a combo in postion 1. For the first time in as long as we can remember, Paul got a high dice roll to win the honour of going first. He took the strong combo and got off to a flyer. Steve went into decline after just one turn and with his second civ wiped Tel off the board forcing him into decline. Eventually Pauls civ drew too much attention and everyone turned on him and trashed his civ, but not before hed got himself over a third of the way to the target score of 100. Andy had acquired a civ with specialised fortification, this allowed him to quickly make each territory he owned more difficult to capture. He conquered the South West corner of the board with this combo. Since the fortification survived when the civ went into decline this area scored heavily for him. Andy looked certain to win, so the rest of the players trashed his civ. This allowed Steve to catch up. Hed been been alternating his civs in the North West and South East of the board.

The Score lay at Steve on 98 and Andy on 97. Andy was in decline so was able to come onto the board with a new civ, whilst Steves civ had been split up and suffering loss of cohesion. Andys new civ came on the board to score him 10 points. Steve now had 1 last turn to win the game. However his scattered civ was in disarray and the best he could do was to go into decline to score just 3 points. Boog managed a big score on his last turn, but not enough to drag him out of last place.

I thoroughly enjoy this game. Because every civ has different strengths each game is different, players have to employ different strategies during each game. Tonights game took 2 hours to play.

Final Scores
Andy 107, Steve 101, Tel 97, Paul 92, Boog 87

Ratings / 10
Andy 9, Steve 8, Tel 9, Paul 8, Boog 8
Scores: Andy 107, Steve 101, Tel 97, Paul 92, Boog 87
Ratings: Andy 9, Steve 8, Tel 9, Paul 8, Boog 8
Winner(s): Andy