26-Mar-2002All month
Euphrates & Tigris

Since there were four of us tonight it was the perfect opportunity to dust off E+T. This tremendous game does not get played anywhere near enough, mainly due to our one foray as a three player being a big disapointment, hence we only play this with four.

Each player is trying to amass influence along the banks of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. There are 4 spheres of influence in the game represented by different colours and the winner is the player at the end of the game with the most complete sets of VPs ie 1 in each colour. Each player starts with a leader in each of the 4 colours and 6 random tiles. On their turn a player has two actions comprised of: playing a tile, playing/moving a leader, playing a catastrophe or exchange someof there tiles. Whenever a tile is played into a kingdom containing a leader of the same colour, the owner of the leader scores 1 VP in that colour. Whenever two leaders of the same colour are in the same kingdom a battle occurs resulting in one of the leaders being removed from the board. Battles are resolved by comparing influence on the board plus support made from a players 6 tile hand. The victor also gains victory points. If a tile is placed to produce four similar tiles in a square then these four tiles can be converted into a VP generating temple. There are 10 treasures scattered throughout the land when captured these are worth a VP in any colour. When there are only two of these left the game ends.

Paul, Tel and Steve each started in a corner of the board, with Andy setting up base in the middle of the board. Steve and Tel spent most of the game expanding their little kingdoms, not venturing too far from their respective first tiles, to the extent that Tels Black leader never moved after being the first piece he put on the board. Andy and Paul spent more time moving there Leader trying to exploit the board. Andy played an early catastrophe tile to prevent Paul building an early temple. Andy seemed to be winning many small skirmishes and picking up a lot of red VPs on the way. Pauls tactics seemed to backfire at one point when all his leaders were sat by the board waiting to get back on, without leaders on the board he couldnt score any VPs.

Into the endgame and Andy and Tel were both picking up plenty of VPs from temples but only in 3 colours. Steve put on a late surge grabbing a VP in each colour 2 turns running, while Paul seemed to be regularly picking up a single black but little else. Andy made a bid to end the game by joining Tels and Steves kingdoms together. Despite being favourite to win the battle, Tel let Steve take the win forcing the kingdoms to be re-split continuing the game. Tel then grabbed a couple of blues tokens ( his weakest colour) on his turn. Andy tried to finish the game again on his turn by again connecting the same two kingdoms, this time Tel won the battle to ensure the kingdoms remained connected and claiming the treasure that ended the game. The 2 blues on his last turn won Tel the game, Steve late surge had pulled him into second with Andy taking third.

Although the game took 2 hours to play the time seemed to fly by. The game does require plenty of thought to especially when decide the consequences of initiating battle. A very enjoyable game reflected in the marks given.

Final Scores
Tel 8, Steve 7, Andy 6, Paul 5

Ratings / 10
Tel 9, Steve 8, Andy 8, Paul 8
Scores: Tel 8, Steve 7, Andy 6, Paul 5
Ratings: Tel 9, Steve 8, Andy 8, Paul 8
Winner(s): Tel

Lost Cities

Scores: Tel 87, Paul 65
Ratings: Tel 8, Paul 8
Winner(s): Tel

Lost Cities

Scores: Tel 138, Paul 72
Ratings: Tel 8, Paul 7
Winner(s): Tel

Wyatt Earp

Finished the night with two hands of Wyatt Earp. One of the mystery rummy type games. There are 7 outlaws to be caught and pleyers play cards to either add capture points to that outlaw, or Sheriff cards which usually increase the value of the reward for an outlaw. At the end of the hand ( triggered by someone running out of cards) the capture points for each outlaw are totalled to determine if they were caught. If they are then the reward money is split between the players making significant contibutions towards the capture.

The game was not as vicious as our previous playing. One of the cards, Hideout, allows a player to cancel the effects of another player towards one outlaw. Throughout the two hands only one of the were successfully played and I think only 1 other was attempted to be played. Similarly a card was stolen from another player (via another Sheriff card) only twice. Steve appeared to have the monopoly on Wyatt Earp cards allowing him to regularly draw extra cards. Hence it was no surprise to find Steve leading after the first hand. Into the 2nd hand and this time it was Andy drawing the Wyatt Earps, however Steve got a kind draw with allowed him to finish the game quite early.

Steve stormed the game almost managing to double Pauls and Tels score who tied for second. We did play this slightly wrong (no surprise there) not playing the Wyatt Earp card to its full potential. The game played at about 15 mins a hand once wed go the rules sorted out.

Final Scores
Steve 17, Tel 9, Paul 9, Andy 7

Ratings / 10
Steve 7, Tel 7, Paul 7, Andy 6
Scores: Steve 17, Paul 9, Tel 9, Andy 7
Ratings: Steve 7, Paul 7, Tel 7, Andy 6
Winner(s): Steve