09-Apr-2002All month

Kev was running late so we played a quick game of Don while waiting for him.

Paul adopted his usual tactic of buying the first card. There seemed to be two tactics at play in this game. Andy and Tel seemed intent on buying cards, while Steve and Paul seemed intent on acquiring as much money as possible. So with about 3/4 of the game gone Andy and Tel were both struggling for cash but had most of the numbers covered between them while Paul and Steve had plenty of cash but were thin on the ground with cards. However things quickly changed, both Steve and Paul needed cards, so had to bid big to try and get the last few cards. These big bids found there way to Andy and Tel. Tel had enough to win the last set of cards with all the cash going to Andy. Tel won the game with a respectable 24, Andy finished in second ending the game with about 2/3 of the cash. Steve won the battle of the money hoarders ending with less cash but more points than Paul.

A great filler playing in about 20 minutes.

Final Scores
Tel 24, Andy 13, Steve 7, Paul 5

Ratings / 10
7 for everyone
Scores: Tel 24, Andy 13, Steve 8, Paul 5
Ratings: Tel 7, Andy 7, Steve 7, Paul 7
Winner(s): Tel


This game shall be forever remembered as the game that Andy cheated at. In Showmanager each player takes on the role of a Producer trying to put on four shows. This is done by hiring actors to fill the roles required for each of the four shows, and in Andys case by cheating.

Everyone is aiming to put the same 4 musicals on, each of which has certain roles that need filling by actors. The actors are hired from an agency who always has 4 available, costing 0,1000,2000 and 3000. Once an actor is hired a new actor is unveiled in the 3000 slot pushing the rest down in price. Instead of hiring an actor a producer may decide to put on a show. This is done by using exactly the same number of actors as a show requires - did you hear that Andy? - exactly the same number. Each actor is adept at playing certain roles and scores if they are playing one of these roles. The show can then be rated by adding the value of the actors used. At the end of the game each show is ranked compared to the other players version of the same show and points scored accordingly.

During the explanation of the rules to everyone, the rule about a show requiring exactly the correct number of actors was missed. The first few rounds played relatively quickly as players took their required actors. Tel was the first to put on a musical (Queenie) using exactly the correct numer of actors. This was quickly followed by Kev and Paul producing King Lear again using the correct number of actors. Then the villian of the piece, Andy, put on his first show (Wolf). Now Wolf only needs 3 actors, but Andy decided that this was not enough so decided that in addition to the regular 3 (high scoring) actors he was going to miscast an additional 3 actors into roles that didnt even exist. Not content with cheating once, a couple of turns later he pulled a similar scam again. The game continued for another round before frantic reading of the rules discovered the incorrect ruling that Andy was merrily exploiting. We were nearing the end of the night after a late start so decided to continue with the game despite Andys clear advantage. The later shows scored lower than the first few as a rule. At the end of the game we all had to wait for Andy to draw enough actors to complete his last show because of his earlier blatant disregard for the rules. Unsuprisingly Andy won the game by a huge margin from Kev, Paul and Tel with Steve claiming the wooden spoon.

This game does have potential but the rules misinterpretation - oops sorry Andys cheating - did detract from the game for everyone. Yet again the Piddinghoe Gamers play a game completely wrong on its first play, I cant wait to play this one again. Oh did I mention that Andy Cheated.

Final Scores
Cheat 58, Kev 42, Paul 38, Tel 34, Steve 26

Ratings / 10
Andy 7, Kev 8, Paul 8, Tel 7, Steve 7
Scores: Andy 58, Kev 42, Paul 38, Tel 34, Steve 26
Ratings: Andy 7, Kev 8, Paul 8, Tel 7, Steve 7
Winner(s): Andy