16-Apr-2002All month

First outing for Carcassonne with 6 players, as the new expansion provides a 6th set of meeple in gray. Once again we started with the river expansion.

Boog after his dramatic late big score in Vabanque was obviously hoping for a similar result here with his first 4 meeple in play all being Farmers with more joining later. Of course this meant he missed out on other scoring opportunities. In fact he hadnt scored at all as the last tile was played. Oggie set out on the most ambitious city planning project of all time. It quickly attracted a Cathedral, and hence would score nothing if not finished. Andy was soon drawn to the potential big score and found a way in as did Boog. Tel was the next to be afraid of being left out closely followed by Kev. Only Steve resisted the urge to get into the city. At one point it was only 2 end tiles from completion, but a couple of tiles from Steve ensured it would never finish. The other Cathedral scored in a joint venture for Steve and Tel. Kev was amassing points by building a number of smaller cities. His last tile finished him a road with an Inn on it scoring 10 plus he put a man on a city edge. And that 1 point city won him the game. Tel and Steve tied for 2nd a point behind. Boogs farmer only strategy failed as he scored only 29 (24 from farmers) however this was enough to beat Andys 27.

Personally I prefer Carcassonne as a two player game and was a little skeptical at the downtime that would be involved in a 6 player version. We do alleviate this to an extent by allowing everyone to draw their next tile as soon as theyve played the previous one. This speeds the game up as it allows for some planning during the downtime. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the game seemed to be being played there was only a couple occasions where the game got bogged down during a round.

Final Scores
Kev 71, Steve 70, Tel 70, Oggie 34, Boog 29, Andy 27

Rating / 10
Kev 8, Steve 8, Tel 8, Oggie 8, Boog 7, Andy 8
Scores: Kev 71, Tel 70, Steve 70, Oggie 34, Boog 29, Andy 27
Ratings: Kev 8, Tel 8, Steve 8, Oggie 8, Boog 7, Andy 8
Winner(s): Kev


While we were waiting for everyone to turn up we played 2 quick games of Guillotine. The card game where the aim of the game is to execute the most influencial nobles. As games go they donít get much simpler. Each players turn consists of playing an action card (optional), execute the front noble card, draw an action card. There are 12 nobles in the line on each of the 3 days, each noble has a value. Whoever has the biggest total of points from the nobles at the end of the third day wins.

For the first game there was only 3 of us. The first day got prolonged a couple of times with cards being added to the end of the line. Things were fairly close at the end of the first day. Tel took the front noble on day two, Andy then played the Scarlet Pimpernel to end the day after drawing his card. On day 3 he immediately moved Robespier to the front to end the day and game. Boog didnt get to take a noble in either of the last two days.

Andy won by 5 point from Boog with Tel 2 point further back.

Steve joined for the second game. The first day played out as normal but again the 2nd and 3rd days were cut short. This time Steve had acquired enough nobles to win the game, with Andy 2nd, Tel 3rd and Boog last.

Ideal start game as each game was finished in about 10 minutes.

Final Scores (Game 1)
Andy 19, Boog 14, Tel 12

Ratings / 10
Andy 7, Boog 8, Tel 8

Final Scores (Game 2)
Steve 16, Andy 10, Tel 9, Boog 6

Ratings / 10
Steve 8, Andy 8, Tel 8, Boog 7
Scores: Andy 19, Boog 14, Tel 12
Ratings: Andy 7, Boog 8, Tel 8
Winner(s): Andy


Scores: Steve 16, Andy 10, Tel 9, Boog 6
Ratings: Steve 8, Andy 8, Tel 8, Boog 7
Winner(s): Steve

Lost Cities

Scores: Tel 121, Paul 104
Ratings: Tel 8, Paul 7
Winner(s): Tel

Lost Cities

Scores: Tel 110, Paul 54
Ratings: Tel 8, Paul 7
Winner(s): Tel

Nicht die Bohn

We ended the night with a couple of hands of Nicht die Bohn. The Card game where the aim is to maximise your scores across four colours, trying to avoid the -ve and zero cards.

Neither Boog nor Tel had managed a win so far on the night but both scored big in the first round. Boog scoring the higher. Kev hadnt quite worked out the tactics for the game so was bemused at one point to discover he had the choice of 5 -ve cards after starting the round with an 8. Into the second round and Oggie amassed a big score but was 5 points short of catching Tel who claimed the victory. Despite only scoring 4 in the second round Boog hung on for third from Kev then Steve. Andy had the honour of the wooden spoon.

An entertaining way to end the evening, as the game does not require too much thought - although Kev tried.

Final Scores
Tel 103, Oggie 98, Boog 76, Kev 64, Steve 55, Andy 38

Ratings / 10
Tel 8, Oggie 8, Boog 8, Kev 7, Steve 8, Andy 6
Scores: Tel 103, Oggie 98, Boog 76, Kev 64, Steve 55, Andy 38
Ratings: Tel 8, Oggie 8, Boog 8, Kev 7, Steve 8, Andy 6
Winner(s): Tel


6 players for the first time in a long time. We decided on Vabanque as it plays with 6 and only takes about 40 mins to play. There are 12 casino tables which become more lucrative as the game goes on. Each player has 3 cards, a bluff card that does nothing, a doubling card that increase the value of the table and a cheat card taht will steal another players winnings. Each of the four rounds play the same way. Firstly players distribute the chips for this round between the 12 tables, then they distribute their cards face down between the tables, finally they move their playing piece and the tables are scored. Each player at a table wins the value at that table. If there are any doubling cards then the table value is multiplied by 1+number of cards . However if there is a cheat at the table then the cheat gets the money for each of its opponents at the table.

After the first round everyone had managed to win either 20 or 40 except Boog who didnt win anything. In the second round Andy got a huge win for both his player and cheat card amassing 320 points, Tel got 90, Steve 30 with Boog, Oggie and Kev failing to score. Into the third round and some of the tables were getting very inviting and attracting many cards. For the third round running Boog failed to win anything this time joined by Tel. Going into the final round Boog was 425 points behind the leader Andy, but he is starting to gain a reputation for a dramatic last round big score, and he didnt fail tonight. Despite winning 260 on the last round Andy slipped from 1st to 3rd, Boog managed an impressive 750 but had to settle for second as Oggie claimed victory taking 600 from the last round. Kev and Steve failed to trouble the banker in the last round.

Somebody remarked half way through the game that the game appeared to just involve putting chips and cards randomnly on the board, and seeing what happens. Whilst this is one approach, there is certainly scope for plenty of bluffing and the opportunity to attempt to lure someone to your cheats. A clever game that is very entertaining.

Final Scores
Oggie 840, Boog 750, Andy 685, Tel 630, Kev 200, Steve 150.

Ratings / 10
Oggie 7, Boog 8, Andy 8, Tel 8, Kev 8, Steve 7
Scores: Oggie 840, Boog 750, Andy 685, Tel 630, Kev 200, Steve 150
Ratings: Oggie 7, Boog 8, Andy 8, Tel 8, Kev 8, Steve 7
Winner(s): Oggie