14-May-2002All month

Despite having bought the expansion ( which allows up to 7 players) to Bohnanza 18 months ago tonight was the first time any of the cards had been used. There are a couple of minor tweaks to the rules when playing with 6. Firstly a 3rd field only costs 2 gold, the players have different size starting hands (3,4,5,6,6,6) and players draw 4 cards at the end of their turn.

Play started slowly as we were aqll jostling for position to setup our fields as we wanted. But once the game got going there was plenty of trading going on, with Oggie regularly having to skip his planting phase due to having traded all the cards from his hand away. The game was played very courteosly with gifts often repaid with gifts or trades later in the game. As is usual in our group once it bacame obvious that the game was nearly over every turn became a trading frenzy for the active player, desperately trying to trade away those useless cards in his hand for anything useful. Tel claimed the win, now some would say this was because he had both the first and last turns, but I of course believe it was down to other factors.

A good humoured fun game where it is often to your advantage to gift a bean away which is useful to an opponent.

Final Scores
Tel 15, Steve 13, Boog 12, Oggie 12, Andy 11, Paul 10

Ratings / 10
Tel 7, Steve 8, Boog 7, Oggie 8, Andy 8, Paul 7
Scores: Tel 15, Steve 13, Boog 12, Oggie 12, Andy 11, Paul 10
Ratings: Tel 7, Steve 8, Boog 7, Oggie 8, Andy 8, Paul 7
Winner(s): Tel


Andy turned up 15 minutes early so the 2 of us played a quick game of Guillotine. 12 nobles are layed out in a line for each of the 3 days. Each player starts with a hand of 5 action cards. On his turn a player may play a card from his hand, then must take the front noble from the line and then draw an action card. Each noble is worth VPs from -3 to 5. Whoever has the most VPs at the end of the third daya wins.

There were most of the big scorers out on the first day, but Andy didnt think he was going to get any of them so ended the day using the scarlet pimpernel very early. The second day produced mainly middling cards, Tel did manage to acquire a 4 point card only for Andy to immediately force him to place at the end of the line and get it himself on the following turn. Day three brought 4 palace guards into play but these were split two each. The deciding move of the game was Tel managing to give Andy the 2 -ve cards in the line.

Excellent filler that plays great with 2 players and finishes in about 10-15 minutes.

Final Scores
Tel 29, Andy 26

Ratings /10
both rated it a 7.
Scores: Tel 29, Andy 26
Ratings: Tel 7, Andy 7
Winner(s): Tel

Lost Cities

Scores: Tel 95, Paul 63
Ratings: Tel 7, Paul 8
Winner(s): Tel

Lost Cities

Scores: Paul 175, Tel 100
Ratings: Paul 8, Tel 7
Winner(s): Paul


Once everyone arrived we continued the evening with another WOTC game this time roborally. Since we didnt want to playing this all night we picked two of the easier boards and started with 3 checkpoints (this was reduced to 2 later in the game). We started with 1 option card each.

Boog got of to a flyer using his option card to speed his way across both boards, while Steve didnt draw a movement card so remained at the start, Paul misunderstood the board and got crushed on turn 1, and Oggie despite jumping on the conveyer belts managed to end the turn back on the start square, neither Tel or Andy made great progress but they did manage to escape the starting square. Boog drew only one movement card in round two so managed to step of the conveyor belt before it threw him from the board, but didnt get too far. Steve managed to use an option card to make good progress down the board. Oggie set about travelling down the alleyways and back streets to avoid trouble and managed to end the game without taking a point of damage. Tel and Paul got into a shooting match travelling down a conveyor both taking damage and both ending the turn next to a bomb which forced them to play the next round randonmly. Boog also got caught in the blast of this bomb. Steve meanwhile managed to find his way to the first checkpoint. While the three random robots wandered aimlessly around the board taking damage, Andy almost made it to the checkpoint. He finished his movement on the right square, only for Oggie to fire his tractor beam at him dragging him kicking and screaming onto a conveyor belt and ultimately his doom. Tel awoke from shutting down on a conveyor belt facing into a pit, he managed to back up and end the turn adjacent to the start square. Oggie did make it to the first checkpoint just before Steve finished the game by gaining the 2nd checkpoint.

I was a big fan of Roborally when I bought it many moons ago and am delighted to give it an occassional airing. However it can suffer from analysis paralysis, often a runaway leader cannot be caught and if the boards are make too tricky the game can last far too long. Tonights game didnt luckily didnt suffer from any of these, though Steve did always look favourite once he got the helicopter option card (which we played wrong). The game lasted 90 minutes and a good time was had by all, but Paul did complain that we didnt have the opportunity to be nastier to each other. Perhaps next time well start with 2 option cards.


Ratings /10
Steve 8, Tel 8, Andy 8, Oggie 8, Boog 7, Paul 6
Scores: Andy , Tel , Boog , Steve , Oggie , Paul
Ratings: Andy 8, Tel 8, Boog 7, Steve 8, Oggie 8, Paul 6
Winner(s): Steve